Zirconia dating

Above all, they understand the term only too well, “Not all the glitters is gold”.They have acquired the discerning ability to see the difference between the fake diamond wanna-bes like cubic zirconia or glass, and the “real deal”.

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The only trick we have to master is to really learn from the lessons that Life has to offer, no matter how painful or hard it can be.

And then, allow the very transformation to take place.

Sure, a nice looking cup may help make the experience of drinking the coffee interesting.

But no cup in the world, no matter how exquisite, can ever compensate for the horrid taste of bad coffee. I seek various ways to make the “content” of my life as fascinating and awesome as possible.

I have always believed that those who have made that arduous journey from an “unrefined” stone to “diamonds”, become the best “Diamond Cutters” themselves.

Because they have gone through the lessons and transformations, they would recognise the “jewel” in those who may not even see it in themselves.

However, what remains true is that the object or person So, unless we have been through a great deal in life, and have discovered what is of true value to us – we would tend to choose what looks nice and good on the outside. Those, my friends, are more rare to find than diamonds in a hay stack. To an untrained eye, diamonds may appear like useless ugly rocks, easily dismissed as worthless for its lackluster appearance.

However, once the diamonds are polished and crafted, it sparkles and shines like no other.

Thus, the content will always be judged from your personal and limited perspective or experience.

You will not be adding new information or data into the content of your life in this manner.

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