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The colors and character designs are crisp and interesting, the folksy soundtrack grows on you, and the variety of humor is one that is all too hard to come by these days: subtle.Also, the cel animation is slightly above average, while the integration of computer graphics techniques is excellent, neither too jarring nor too extravagant.Walmart, JELL-O, ROBBIE' S CUSTOM SHOW PAINT INC., JMC Air, Heating & Air Conditioning, The People Who Inspire Humanity, Last days Christians, Freedom Works, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Stand Up For The Truth, Bamboo Bob, Candace Cameron Bure, Trending on Pop, Live Action, Robert Pittenger, Americans Against Maxine Waters, Charlie Kirk, Intelligence is sexy, Tomi Lahren, VT Food Envy, Donald J.Another entry in the newly evolving "space-western" anime genre, Eat-Man '98 takes place in some far off date, in some far off galaxy where everybody mysteriously speaks perfect Japanese.Despite these positive aspects, -fans will be left twisting in the wind yet again.

The only episodes that have a corresponding dubbed audio track are "Bye Bye Aimie I & II," the episodes that make up the first story arc.

Stories range from stand-alone episodes to small story arcs of two to four episodes apiece. It comes on two discs in a hard-plastic keep-case with good cover-art and a helpful insert that lists and provides an overview of the various story arcs, including helpful pictures taken from each arc.

The menus, while lacking animation, have peppy techno music playing in the background and some good examples of still art.

This week, Nick and Steve parse their gut feelings on this highly anticipated sequel.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the...― As a franchise, K had slipped under my radar; I knew it as little more than the colorful anime by the creators of Hand Shakers.

Heidi memorializes the distinct and uniquely evocative designs of Hiroshi Kajiyama, illustrator for Shining Force, Dragon Quest and more.