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Links to our online groups: Autism Society of Texas Facebook Page https:// Autism Society of Texas – San Antonio Chapter Facebook Page https:// Autism Society of Texas -El Paso Chapter Facebook Page https:// Society EP/ Yahoo Online Support Group Society Central Texas/info This group is for parents, family members, and caregivers of children and adults diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder who live in Central Texas, primarily around the Austin area.

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If you've ever seen our show then you know there is not much else he could do that would be surprising.

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Was television writing something you were always interested in doing?

EG: I'm a role player here...a wizard and dragon joke-writing specialist.

You can find your nearest group by plugging your zip code into our interactive map here:

group=2186719&x=-97.753401&y=30.307984&z=8 Meets Last Wednesday each month pm at American Legion: 404 Atlanta St, Austin, TX 78703 Contact: Zak Van Voorhees, Employment Specialist [email protected] group is for Adults on the Autism Spectrum, age 18 and older.

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The important thing is that I've found it and I am sharing the links. My favorite stories are anything involving charts, graphs or gifs. [Well, I guess I'm out then.] I also get a chuckle when [JRW] records something off of his TV and posts it to Twitter.

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