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Just don't expect an update tomorrow, and maybe not the day after. I'm gonna be out tomorrow and most likely will be unable to do another update until Wednesday at the earliest.

Added two reader submissions, plus I started the Broker/Dukes/Bohan Most Wanted.

Most of the submissions are more strategies, but CH1156 gave me something very nice to add to the Easter Eggs section. I did have opportunities to update this so some of it is laziness and I apologize.

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MGS4 also comes out tomorrow night so I'm going to make sure I've updated the guide at least once more before then, then updates will be a little more sparce after that.Version 1.65 - 6/15/08 --Well, I got good news and bad news, and worse news.It feels good to be done with the walkthrough, but more is on the way.That said, here's what is new: -All Story missions done -All Assassin Missions done -All Random Characters covered in walkthrough -Sumbission section edited -More FAQ questions added -Other fixes, additions, edits, etc. I'm still working on more sections that haven't been added yet, but I'm looking to be a bit busy with various things.I'm looking to add more, but this Thursday I'm going to a show to see a band named Catherine.

Going to shows and seeing bands is just part of my year, every year.The good news is that I added more reader submissions, and I'm still going to add more sections in the future.The bad news is that due to several factors (one of them being that I can't find a blank map to use), I will not be doing the Flying Rats section, so it will be shut down for now. If you have a map, e-mail me and we can talk business.Here's what's new today: -Finished Most Wanted section -Added an announcement to Flying Rats section -Added several new submissions -Changed some info for the final missions -Started Stevie's Cars section Version 1.60 - 6/10/08 --I tried to add more but got a little sidetracked, hanging out with friends that I hadn't seen since highschool.I updated Stevie's Cars, as well as added some more submissions.I'm also considering finally making one of the bigger additions I had to hold back on due to lack of time and resources. As for me, I'm just coming off a lot of school work, midterms, a show that I went to last Sunday to see Saosin, The Devil Wears Prada, and Underoath. I've made a lot of corrections and additions, including updating the info on Stevie's Cars so it's a bit more... I was extremely busy with classes, plus there was Thanksgiving and then something happened in my family so I was really preoccupied for a while.