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Launched by pressing Win V (which will take some getting used to) this will let you paste items from your clipboard history, as well as pin the items you need regular access to.Copied items can be synced across devices too, although this feature is optional.A public beta will launch later this month, and perhaps that version will be less buggy, but unless you've got spare gear. You can visit and find your model number to download the appropriate install file.

It is not intended for the i Phone that the school uses to call you, if there's a health problem with your kids. What we're seeing again is user beta installation without the awareness that the software is unstable and crash-prone.Unsurprisingly, i Phones and Macs that barely work can be the result.Build 17666 (it's a beast of a build, so the number is apt) is chock full of exciting new features that you really won’t want to wait to get your hands on, including Cloud Clipboard, a dark theme for File Explorer, major improvements to Sets, the ability to search Bing in Notepad and much, much more.First up in this new build is a series of improvements to Sets, the big new feature in Redstone 5 that allows you to access different apps in the same window using tabs.Please send us feedback, suggestions and bug reports to [email protected] it is crucial if we want this update to become a success.

You will be able to track the progress of the bug fixes on this public Trello board: New design with user experience as primary objective.

That’s certainly not the case with Redstone 5 releases.

The latest build rolling out to Insiders on the Fast ring and Skip Ahead today is the perfect case in point.

Registration will no longer be required to try VRidge! You will no longer need to restart VRidge endlessly to find most suitable settings.

Just use LIVE streaming settings to optimize your VRidge experience (advanced live settings are also available).

Crashes and instability this early should be expected.