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If you look at her dating history with men, the rumors have no grounds to stand on.

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However, it is kind of shocking to learn that this iconic woman is not married, even at the age of 67 years old and sadly, Pam stays mum about the reason.

In her past, she had loads of relationships, and there was a time when she got engaged.

Both Kareem and Pam did not mention the reason for the split, but Pam did mention that Kareem wanted her to convert her to Islam.

Caption: Pam Grier with school lover Richard Pryor.

In April of 1998, Pam revealed to Jet on 13th April 1998 about her engagement to Kevin Evans and her plans to have babies.

However, her engagement couldn't take another step; which was getting married and the couple called it quits the following year, failing to become husband and wife.She is a daughter and one of four children to her nurse mother Gwendolyn Sylvia and her father Clarence Ransom Grier, Jr., a sergeant in the U. She pursued acting as her career from a very young age although it was only during the 70s that she rose to popularity.Having played in over 50 different movies and many other TV shows, her net worth value of 10 million dollars apparently reflects her successful career.Apart from Kevin Evans, Pam dated Late actor Freddie Prinze, and Pam was together for a brief between 19. However, the relationship ended in the same year after Pam could not take Richard's cocaine addiction and had it enough after Pam discovered cocaine residues in her body. Pam also dated Kareem Abdul-Jabbar both of them were college lovers and dated while they were in college.She revealed that Freddie wanted her to have his baby. However, the exact date of the birth of their romance is missing.In 2014, Pam addressed a rumor regarding her boyfriend and cleared up about it in twitter.