Who is lisanova dating

Conclusion As you can see, the name of the beloved of the singer is in secret; therefore, it is impossible to learn who is Simi's boyfriend today for sure.

However, if the singer's relations with her boyfriend remain and will reach a wedding, then it is possible that we learn his name.

When I have written on Twitter that I was in the gentle relations with YCEE, my account wasn't hacked.However, people believed and apprehended this news seriously.People who are really interested in my private life and want to learn what occurs in it will easily guess that we just acted.I know that some people have treated it seriously, but it was the joke.I am very frivolous and playful person, and I always idle.

But I feel that people always treat some things, which I tell too seriously.I think that people have to hide things, which they want to keep private.All people have things, which they daily overcome, but you don't need strangers to intrude upon leisure in your private life. My beloved and I have met before I gained popularity.Donovan was one of the first You Tube content creators to cross over to mainstream Hollywood when she was cast on MADtv in 2006. After signing a contract and only appearing in four episodes of MADtv, she left the following season.In 2010, she was given a role in Cosmopolitan's Fun & Fearless campaign for females.But we just idled, and other people easily believed that there is something between us.