Who is dating kaley cuoco

This is the best night of my life and I think the video shows it is the best night for kaley as well…of she said yes!!!!!

"See all of the in these slideshows Cook is the son of Scott Cook, the co-founder of business software company Intuit.

"Cook captured the exact moment his bride-to-be agreed to marry him. Cook captioned the video: "Who knew my prior post was oracular.

"On my loves birthday I got her everything she has always wanted...judging by her face maybe not, it's the thought that counts right," he wrote on Instagram.Much to Kaley's surprise, her leading man planned an intimate, candlelit dinner for the pair, which was documented on her Instagram story.They got engaged in September 2013 after just three months of dating.The marriage ended in late 2015 and their divorce was finalized in May 2016.Cook proposed to the actor on her 32nd birthday Thursday and shared a video of the proposal on his Instagram page.

In the video, a teary Cuoco shows off her wedding ring while Cook asks, "What's on your finger, honey?News, Kaley is "in love, head over heels" with Karl, who is a fellow equestrian. star Kaley Cuoco is engaged to her boyfriend of two years, equestrian Karl Cook.He's an Accomplished Equestrian Now, but He Almost Quit the Sport: Earlier this month, Karl and Farrari took home the blue ribbon in the ,500 Smart Pak Grand Prix and the ,000 Ultr Oz Jumper.(In case the prize amounts don't give it away, you should know competitions like this are a big deal in the horse world, and they only represent a fraction of Karl's wins.)That said, there was a time when the California-based athlete considered giving up the sport completely.They are in it for the long run but she doesn't know what the future holds.