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Since then, Meghan has talked about how great of a kisser Daryl is, how he makes her feel like a princess, what he loves the most about her and their engagement. Usually, celebrities like to keep their relationship ultra private, especially if both of them are in the public eye. They literally can't keep their hands to themselves and they don't care who sees it.

It was at a party and Meghan wouldn't stop calling him, 'Spy Kids.' Of course, we know that Daryl played the role of Juni Cortez in the ? ' He was really nice about it and I never fangirled over celebrities and made a fool of myself, but to him I was like, 'I love you, man! I was like, 'I'm gonna go up to him.'" And there's still more to the story.She said, "He was getting a drink and I just said it. She said she first laid eyes on him in person at a party, but that they only started dating a year and a half before they got engaged. " She said he complied, although she expressed disappointment that he had only done so at Moretz's request.Her pal Chloe Grace Moretz introduced the two, bringing them both on a bowling double date with her and Brooklyn Beckham. But they started dating on their own and soon, she knew they were in love for real."I am kind of aggressive.The pair posted gushy messages to each other on their one-year anniversary in July.

alum Daryl Sabara, have been inseparable in real life and on social media ever since they started publicly dating at the end of October 2016.

"I just kept screaming and crying, 'I'm a princess!

' the entire night."Trainor is in the midst of wedding planning.

" She also revealed that she has been shedding for the wedding, and beyond.

A total of 20 pounds, to be exact."One day we'll have kids," she said.

She explained, "That night we count as our anniversary…Ever since that one night we’re like, 'We should do this'…It was a nice date. Every door to this day that I go through, he opens it and he was so sweet and he came up to me and I think that’s when I knew.