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It was back in where he was arrested for abusing his girlfriend Adrienne.The sources claimed that Artie was not happy that Adrienne went to a movie theatre in France with her friends.

In Audition, it is revealed that over the summer holidays, Artie had acted like a terrible boyfriend by neglecting Tina so he can play a weekend long marathon round of Halo.In turn, she dumps him for Mike Chang, which lowers Artie's self-esteem.After stints in a hospital, a psych ward and rehab, Lange sobered up and wrote his second best-selling memoir, ? It lets the comedians be dangerous and edgy, anything goes. I went to Robin’s hospital in New York after her operation, very spontaneously, because I wanted to surprise her. He looked up and said, "Just what we need: Artie to make Robin laugh." And me and Howard and Robin were in the room alone for 45 minutes and we made her laugh, just like we were doing the news again. He eventually took the high road and said nice things and so did I. “Motherfucker, you were dumber than me in high school, I’m freezing my ass off going to build a deck in Newark and you're squeezing Carmen Electra’s tits? I happened to see you perform at Caroline’s comedy club in New York and saw High Pitch Eric there. We all let loose this year and had a lot of fun—that’s what Showtime asked for. It’s funny that it’s on Crackle because whoever agreed to it is probably on crack. Howard had to leave, and I stayed for a few more hours. But the fact that someone I had that relationship with won’t see me in person for ten minutes, it’s astonishingly immature and crazy. What do you think of Howard going mainstream by becoming a judge on and toning done some of his own show's rough edges? He's done a lot, and I think he has the right to evolve. At some point i think he made a conscious decision to say, "I want to leave behind a library of celebrity interviews that is unparalleled." He made Barbara Walters look like amateur hour. Anybody from the original What's the status of your relationship with Howard?

The Artie-Tina Relationship, also known as Tartie or Artina, is the relationship between Artie Abrams and Tina Cohen-Chang.

Also, Artie reportedly yelled at his girlfriend saying: So, that was the last time, Artie tweeted about Adrienne.

There was no public declaration, however, the couple reportedly broke up in 2014.

I don't want kids to hear this, but it feels amazing.

That's why you get addicted to it and then it becomes a living hell after a while, that's the problem.

Despite being a comedian himself, it seems as if he now needs someone else in his life to make him laugh. The comedian who went through a break-up with his fiancé Adrienne Ockrymiek in 2015 due to a history of physical abuse, is facing quite a situation these days.