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He said, "But I'm married." I heard a voice from the podium say, "Doesn't matter boy-o. I heard, "Patrick Timothy Riley." There were a lot of Rileys in New York and most of them were named Pat. The little voice in my head said, "Live to fight another day Paddy." So, I signed.

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But we loved each other and that was good enough for both of us. She was like that, you know; very loving and loyal. She really didn't have much else to do in the evenings. Her big, round, Mick tits and those delightful pink nipples were like the sun rising over Galway Bay. The only thing more spectacular than Molly's boobs were those two muscular buns as they disappeared up the ladder. She would just lay back panting with lust, and slowly open her legs. She would utter a loud groan of sensation and we would set to it. She didn't get tired and our moments together were long and passionate. The oddest part about Molly were her frequent out-of-control spasms.

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Their justification was that the Irish couldn't control their drinking and fighting. But as far as I was concerned, lumping all of us in the same category was nothing but ignorance. But it was clear by the glint in O'Brien's eye that he had more in mind than Molly presenting Boss Tweed with a bouquet of shamrocks and roses.

We Irish worked hard doing jobs the toffs were too grand, or too lazy to do. O'Brien stuck out his big meaty paw without missing a beat.

She was always happy and smiling and she never met a person she didn't like. Her family came over from the Burren, in County Clare and those girls are all as fierce and relentless as the stormy Atlantic. But, she assured me that those fits were natural and enjoyable for a woman.