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We’ve collected a list of the best plugins there are around.If you can't find what you need – or you think we missed some great ones, feel free to drop a comment below. Or use an add-on (listed below) to manage your Adobe® Creative Suite/Cloud extensions.

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Link to the plugin Power Groups allows you to group objects in many different layers.Link to the plugin This is a bundle with two plugins.The plugin enables you to edit both the In Design story and the Google Docs document independently, without losing work on either side.Link to the plugin Words Flow makes it possible to link Word and Excel with In Design.Link to the plugin This is a plugin that comes to help you with controlling the word counts in your documents.

It has a real time panel, and the ability to export comprehensive reports.Link to the script The plugin adds many feature to the variables already present in In Design.You can personalise the setting to automate almost anything related to the headers of your document.Link to the plugin Active Tables allows you to sort tables and create formulas.The formulas are not limited to tables, so you can also have calculation results inside text. Math Magic Pro Edition by Info Logic Inc., Math Tools by Movemen, and JMath Edit by Pilot Software.Link to the plugin Go back to the categories Bookalope uses AI to strip away all visual styles and cleans up the document automatically, and then exports a semantically structures document to In Design.