Updating canadian citizenship card

On August 23, 2016, Rahim (the "Class Representative") instituted proceedings in the Superior Court of Quebec (the "Court") seeking permission to bring a class action against the Minister on behalf of the Class (the "Application for Authorization").On May 16, 2017, the Application for Authorization was amended to add Rhia Basnet as Class Representative for Group 3. Basnet seek reimbursement of application fees for all Class Members.

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All class members have the right to seek intervenor status in the class action.

However, no class member other than the representative plaintiffs or an intervenor may be required to pay legal costs arising from the class action.

Certificate of Rehabilitation Granted Despite Inadmissibility Finding We recently completed work on a matter where our client was unaware that he was inadmissible to Canada.

During the process, Canada Immigration found the client to be inadmissible to Canada, preventing travel to Canada.

Any Class Member who does not opt out before the deadline will be bound by Judgments to follow in the class action, including any final judgment on the merits.

This means that if the action against the Minister is ultimately successful.We submitted a detail report on all the applicants, with explanations as to why they did not fit the profile accordingly.The LMIA was heading towards a refusal by Service Canada as they stated not enough effort was made to hire a Canadian citizen.After doing some research, we had a second look at the resumes in question and decided that the employer was correct in regards to not offering a position to the Canadian applicants.These applicants had much higher expectations and all had higher level credentials than the position required.Substantial evidence was collected and submissions made, first to support the client’s misunderstanding of the inadmissibility, and then the client’s rehabilitation, which was necessary to remove the permanent inadmissibility.