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In recovery from a medical procedure, some retirement homes offer convalescent care as a bridge between hospitalization and a return home.

Parents who live alone and are in isolation from others may fall into neglect of some basic care.

Find that number on the letter or email you received when you made the initial request. Other federal and state agencies to contact when changing your address include: When moving into a house or an apartment, you may have to pay for utility services like gas, electricity or water.

You can apply for these services on the phone, online, or in person.

There are other cases where you may want to safeguard your parents' health with the strategic use of private health care.

For example, in the case of recovery from surgery, many people avail themselves of a short term stay in a care home.

As people age, they may care less what others think.

But if bad hygiene becomes a noticeable, consistent issue, it can be a sign that parents are depressed; or worse, it can be a sign of the onset of dementia.Utility bills are based on the amount of energy or water you actually use.However, if you live in an apartment complex, the amount you pay for some utilities may be prorated or split.Perhaps they may be signs that you need to pay closer attention to your parents.Here's a look at a variety of concerns you may have, along with links to solutions or further resources so you can find help.Contact your state utility commission for a list of service providers and advice on making a choice.