Theobromine is also a psychoactive compound and widely used in all parts of the world.

Is there any special reason why theobromine is not included?


After listing types of drugs and then methods of administration, some of the information is sort of re-cross-referenced by listing If anyone can tell me what this actually means, I will withdraw my objection.

I wish that material from the European Union's scientific re-evaluation of the relative lethality of substances could be included. "In 2009 it was estimated that about 3% to 6% of people aged 15 to 65 had used illegal drugs at least once (149 to 270 million)." versus "In 2012, the study Data Available on the Extent of Cocaine Use and Dependence: Biochemistry, Pharmacologic Effects and Global Burden of Disease of Cocaine Abusers indicated that 3–6 per cent of people aged 15-to-65 (149–270 million persons) had used illegal drugs on at least one occasion." The years the data is from is more important than when the study is published.

Methamphetamine can be smoked, and the amphetamines are derived from the ephedra plant.

I've never heard of anyone smoking ephedra, so maybe that was what "not necessarily" meant.

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