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Di Maggio going to pieces.” Monroe was 25, Di Maggio 37.

They spent that first night together, and despite the infamously tumultuous, short-lived marriage to follow, they were never really apart again.

“I was asleep downstairs,” he said, “and I woke up to the sound of my father and Marilyn screaming . He caught up to her and grabbed her by the hair and sort of half-dragged her back to the house. Monroe was always on a quest for self-improvement: psychotherapy, college courses, devouring books and art exhibits.

Sinatra paid Katz ,500 in an out-of-court settlement, but the Hollywood tabloid Confidential nonetheless broke the story.

They called it “The Wrong Door Raid,” but for the rest of his life, Di Maggio would claim he was never there and knew nothing about it.

And the sex was pretty damn good, if she had to say so herself.” On Jan.

14, 1954, Di Maggio and Monroe eloped in San Francisco.

When they met in 1952, Joe Di Maggio had just ended his career as a legendary New York Yankee; Marilyn Monroe, however, was at the beginning of hers, on the verge of becoming an international superstar.

On the night they collided, on a double-date in Los Angeles, her friend ­David March said, “You could almost hear Mr.And when she did, the barrage began: Whom did she talk to? Did she stop anywhere on the way home, and with whom?“When she didn’t respond the way he wanted her to, he became physical,” Heymann writes.Sinatra had just hired a private investigator to trail Ava Gardner, his great obsession and soon-to-be ex. He had Monroe’s phone bugged, and when she moved into the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue, Di Maggio would wear a fake beard and hold The New York Times over half his face while he sat in the lobby for hours, waiting for a glimpse of her.One night, after a bout of drinking, Sinatra and Di Maggio, along with five henchmen, went over to an apartment complex in West Hollywood.” Yet during their courtship, Di Maggio worked to squelch his possessiveness, and Monroe, who spent her life in search of a father figure, a man who’d never, ever abandon her, found that in Di Maggio.