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However, if the fantasy is to be cuckolded, as it sounds, then it is unlikely he willl be wanting to hookup.He is actually more likely to be looking at men on that site to indulge his fantasy.

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The videos I saw were real swingers, all shapes and sizes. Hi op, I found history on the browser of our family computer for Adultfriendfinder. Luckily for me (or unluckily) my ex H had left his email account logged in.So I requested a new password on the site, and got into it when they sent me a link.I was amazed how many were prepared to share their videos.It is completely different to porn, where they are obviously acting out scenarios. I had no intention of meeting anyone and maybe he didn't.What I didn't count on was receiving around 20-30 emails a day from men, mostly married.

They all started pretty much with..wife won't do X, Y or Z.....He cancelled the account and we had counselling but I found him reregistered 8 more times, until I could forgive no more.I think the mindset of some people is that they have a fantasy and want to enact it, he's tried you and you've said no, but he's fixated on making it happen, convincing himself he deserves it, must try it or some other bullshit and is finding a way.I experienced this, because I logged into it myself.Childish I know, but I wanted my ex H to see how it felt to have your partner on there touting for sex.Today I found in my H browser history two swinger/dating sites. Although I suppose it’s possible that porn sites will redirect the user to other platforms, I’d find it highly unlikely so I’d agree you’re right to be suspicious.