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any one out there please send me a email would like to hear from you.

My older brother, Dave Stephens was alson on board, he was and EM.

And any one esle that served on the Leonard Stevenson aka Youngbloodemail: [email protected]: Thursday, February 07, 2002Time: PMHello everyone hope that life have delt you all a good it was when we were all on the Marlin Howzeemail: [email protected]: Wednesday, February 20, 2002Time: PMHello, Marlin Howze here.Served on Smokin' Joe from August '80-June '84.I was looking for the story about the ," Fleet Fox ", running into 2 mines .I am looking for other shipmates that served during that same time to see what they are up to.I remember Robert "Animal" Kerr and some other folks.

I ran into someone that was onboard during that same time up here in Portland, OR working at Intel.God Bless American and Long Live the USS Joseph Strauss (DDG-16).Com Date: Thursday, August 16, 2001Time: PMSon of a gun !I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday GOD BLESS LARRY TNDUname: Ngoc Giang, now Shelley Mc Elhenyemail: [email protected]: Wednesday, April 03, 2002Time: PMI was a 17 year old Vietnamese girl who was fleeing Vietnam in July 1980.I actually wanted to say thank you for serving in the USN.Madman and Myself were the controllers, Green Lizards were the william "big guns" shankemail: [email protected]: Sunday, April 14, 2002Time: AMJust wanted to say Hi to everyone out there I was aboard ship from 10/65 to 8/69.