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We also need a new group called Bob And Friends in which Alice and Bob are members.

Create the three accounts and the group via the Windows User Manager or by starting an elevated command prompt and enter the following commands Authentication answers the question "who" wants to have access.

The other big difference is that parent rules are evaluated first.

This means that if you deny access for Fred at a higher level, you can't allow access to Fred on a lower level. NET Membership and Roles and for custom identities, in case you write your own authentication module.

by Saad Ladki Authorization was difficult in previous versions of IIS.

Because IIS only worked with Windows identities, you had to go to the file system and set Access Control Lists on files and directories.

The next paragraphs show some advanced URL Authorization topics. You can remove the managed Handler precondition from the ASP. It is there to prevent a performance penality you have to pay when every request (such as a request to or pages) would have to go through managed code.

You do not have to use the User Interface to specify URL Authorization settings. NET Url Authorization is implemented in the System. There are also differences in the order in which IIS and the two URL authorization modules evaluate authorization rules. NET URL Authorization is developer-focused and developers have full control over which rules they set.

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Within this directory we have a file called bobs that only Bob is supposed to access.