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The S7 slims down the bloatware considerably, while leaving plenty of advanced settings for customizing everything from the lock screen to phone themes -- you just have to dig a little deeper now to find everything.Samsung also added a few nice-but-subtle optional touches, like a new "tray" to help you easily move app icons from one screen to another.It's gross, and a pain to constantly clean, which always fails anyway.

So, for now, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge remain the best phones money can buy.

Here's what I found (along with fellow S7-testers) while using the S7 around Europe.

In fact, look closely at the details and you can see that this S7 is built better than previous Galaxy phones.

One downside to the S7's shiny metal-and-glass backing is that smudges pile up on smudges, leaving a semi-permanent sheen of finger grease all over your expensive property.

Even in low-light scenes, such as a Berlin speakeasy, the S7 trumps the i Phone 6S, yielding brighter, more usable photos.

Digital noise was still there, just diminished; those small speckles of color that infiltrate the picture are an inevitability in low-light digital camera shots.

I never liked these, even though I'm vain enough that I don't want to see every line and wrinkle.

To me, they make skin appear plastic and dull; maybe the uncanny valley of too-perfect skin, but I know plenty of people who love the youthening effect.

I did use the S7's front-facing screen "flash" to light dark selfie scenes, which basically means the phone screen whites-out before the camera fires.

This came in handy, since my sister basically selfie-documented every move we made for her husband and kids, especially at dinner and the bar. Toning down the brightness would make it more useful, especially if I could pick a warmer color temperature or lower brightness setting to make it all less intense.

At any rate, I turned all of these filters to zero, but still found that selfies either looked fake or overly harsh.