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They came closer while working together for different Vine videos.

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Grayson also comes in the headlines due to his relationship with different ladies.

In 2014, Grayson was in a romantic relationship with the Vine celebrity Sofia Olivera.

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The twin brothers not only complement each other in real life, but they also work together in their professional lives and have become the internet sensation.

Grayson started his internet career with his brother Ethan in 2013 through Vine.

Currently, Grayson is not reported to be in the dating affairs with any lady, so his relationship status remains single in the eyes of the public.

Born on December 16, 1999, in New Jersey to his parents Sean and Lisa Dolan, Grayson holds American nationality and is 20 minutes younger than his twin brother Ethan.

The brothers' duo got so much popularity that Brian Robbins, the founder of Awesomeness TV, signed them in September 2015.

During their professional journey, they got many opportunities to get into interaction with other popular celebrities.

Twin relationship is one of the unique and robust relationships whose bond is irreplaceable.