Shipmates dating show episode

I would have made the Titanic reference, but that one belonged to Love Cruise: The Maiden (and only) Voyage, a show that I dread to have to watch again.

These can range from the sanctimonious to the downright hilarious.It's also interesting to see them in so many ways to say "I like you as a friend, but nothing more." to "I think you're an amazing guy and I'd love to hook up with you once we touch land again." to, my personal favorite, "Oink, bitch" (Yes, this did happen as well.The premise of this show can be summed up as this: Blind Date extended to three days on a Carnival Cruise Ship. Sadly for Shipmates, the show's location hampers everything about the show.There are so many more options on Blind Date to go on a date with that it makes it more interesting to watch, besides the crazy antics of the daters before ending up in a hot tub semi-naked and getting to second base without even knowing them for longer than a day. Blind Date got big because of the varied actions of the dates and also because of the daters themselves and how they reacted to the other dater.With the success of Blind Date, shows with similar execution would pop up with The 5th Wheel, which actually had two men and three women or vice versa on the same date and see who would hook up with who.

Debuting alongside The 5th Wheel, is a show that was exactly like Blind Date, except it was on a boat and the date lasted 3 days.Also on this show was Roger Lodge, a relative unknown nationally, but he had the sly charisma to give us a good broadcast.Usually, this show would have two dates in one show, but if a date was really good and really juicy, it would have its own episode.I'm certain that the couples were already tired of seeing each other for three straight days and didn't want to be around them anymore.At the end of the cruise, the daters would give a video postcard.The list of dating television shows below includes information like the program's cast, creator and premiere date when available.