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La Beouf added that he runs 12 miles a day as part of his new health regimen.

If you believe most of what’s written about the 29 year-old Australian actress, her life is a Hollywood whirlwind of dating A-list studs, chilling with rock stars at Coachella, and vamping on red carpets. There’s a lot of similarities with the Native American Indians, how their history has unraveled. So it wasn’t like the cliché of a show business agent walking up to a teenager and slipping them their card? I was always very shy growing up, so acting probably wouldn’t have been something I’d naturally seek out if it wasn’t for meeting her.

After being asked his first question on something along the lines of why he decided to star in a movie with so many sex scenes, he said, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea,” and then stormed out of the room. Trespasses at Walgreens While in Chicago filming a movie, a drunk La Beouf wandered into a Walgreens looking for cigarettes; however, distracted by the pimple on his forehead, he picked up pimple cream and went back to his hotel.

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According to witnesses at the restaurant, the girl's boyfriend allegedly confronted La Beouf, and it ended in a little fight.When security came to take La Beouf out of the restaurant, he was reportedly heard saying, "I can get you killed," according to witnesses. Plagiarizes Daniel Clowes In late 2013, La Beouf found himself in the middle of a plagiarism controversy when graphic novelist Daniel Clowes accused him of borrowing shamelessly from his 2007 comic, is the title of a comic series and graphic novel by Clowes, who previously described his work using the very same words La Beouf used. Uses sky writer to apologize to Clowes La Beouf kicked off 2014 in the sky, commissioning an apology to Clowes via a skywriter on New Year's Day.If she’s not getting into car accidents with (now former) boyfriend Shia La Beouf, she’s looking fabulous in Christian Dior at fashion events. You ended up on an Australian soap opera, “Home and Away,” for three years. and thinks, “This is a snapshot of humanity.” Is it like that in Australia? While that may all technically be true, it sums up her essence about as accurately as saying that Diane Keaton is a woman who dated Woody Allen and looks good in hats. I don’t know what soap operas are like in Australia, but in the U. Well, I really like to refer to it positively, because I think it’s quite well done. He apparently got into a dust up with Tom Hardy on the set of “The Wettest County in the World” and John Hillcoat says of the actor, “He will say what he feels, almost too much so.

He wears his heart on his sleeve, and it can sometimes blow back."I went through like an existential crisis, which turned into some kinda, like, exploration, really.I had some hiccups, you know, some judgment error," he said.From there it all went downhill as he started talking back to the security guard — ultimately leading to him on the ground getting arrested. Threatens fan Back in 2013, La Beouf was at a restaurant in London when a female fan came up to ask for an autograph.Somehow, he was able to make her cry from a short conversation.But it’s the same thing that also lets him access the truth of his emotions.” That “truth of his emotions” also makes him totally blind to the ramifications his words have.