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I know I disappoint people greatly because they keep messaging me whenever I log in again, and somehow I don't have the heart to dampen their pleasure so I try to force a reply or two before I "have to go" again. I don't remember anything that happened in terms of sex.For the most part it happens because I'm probably - despite what my shrink said - autistic, and changes to my plans screw me up badly and I feel unbearably disillusioned because things don't go the way I would like them to. From what I can remember, it involved someone's brain rebooting (as represented by text getting more and more helter-skelter as the chat window went on, slowing decreasing in sophistication until it faded out.Also good going Swiss Miss, you got them banned again.

It helps that a lot of the shitty people fall into fairly predictable archetypes, making it easy for me to get them to dance in my hand even while being the submissive one.

But if I'm going to admit my own secret shames, it's that I just want some fucking story in my roleplay. I'm open to a partner, a GM, or even GM'ing myself sometimes, but no one ones to do anything but fuck.

When I did, I warned the guy I'd be slow before we started, but when we started I realized we had no chemistry.

So a handful of posts in and I just let him hang for an hour. I deserved it.70735I think it's definitely everybody else.

There's no reason for this and I'm sure normal people handle these things just fine, but for me it's next to the end of the world and I don't know how to continue. Then it came back, startup represented by a few fundamental theorems– but they were just subtly /wrong/, like a = integral of mc².

After that, I feel like we got two posts in before he started bitching at me for my posts getting smaller, then going on to complain about two other people whose ERPs devolved into dirty talk, basically.72279You do realize that's like. I've had three characters that are specifically about breaking reality and are eldritch abominations from the edges of the cosmos. I'm coming the cosmic horror I always wished to be!I can barely get a 60/40 smut/story split with anyone aside from 2 partners.God-tier partners but one of them seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.Not many bitchbreakers request it but even making me create a new pink profile after each session is an order I will follow.I've tried to ERP and play fighting games at the same time.I'm sure it's not a problem all of you face but i'm nearly positive i'm not the only one who does it.