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What she does is, she stops, she lifts her foot up, and she looks back over her shoulder at him. She's waiting for him to give the response that she's looking for.And, in this case, he climbs on, and they travel away together.

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Along the way, we meet the remarkable people who are transforming our world and our future. Those scratches, shaking of trees, to Cat they aren't random motions, they're part of an elaborate code, a secret "language" of chimps.From singing whales and squeaking bats to thumping spiders and clicking dolphins, the world is filled with the exotic sounds of our fellow creatures. While we believe language sets us apart, some animals demonstrate they can learn our language—like Chaser the dog, who recognizes hundreds of words, and Kanzi the bonobo, who appears to have a sophisticated understanding of spoken English. follows researchers around the globe who are deciphering an amazing array of clues that reveal how animals share information critical to their survival. All of these gestures are a part of chimpanzee communication, and they grow up with them. One of them is "groom me," and the other one is "let's travel together." Oh, ho, ho, ho. They're all going to go down the tree, and that's them leaving together. Chaser can understand hundreds of words, but all she can do is say, "Ruff." She can't actually say any of those words back. " And then I can ask Kanzi, "Can you sit on the blanket? Try, as much as you can, to become more like an animal and just not think in words. So, I can ask Kanzi, "Hey, Kanzi, can you put the blanket on your head? " What you need to do, if you want to understand animal communication, is leave our own language behind.It's like a back and forth between the two of them: big scratch, object shake, "Come on, I want to groom you.

Come over here." That seems to have done the trick, because she comes down, and they start grooming.

"Stop." "Groom me." And we're still picking up, possibly, you know, finding new ones all of the time.

"Move closer." I think in terms of an animal to human system of translation…

In this case, he wants her to come and be groomed by him, so he's going to give these big scratches, and he's waiting for a response.

So, that didn't work; she didn't do what he wanted, she didn't do anything.

And I get to see the little detail, the soap opera of their life.