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Our sources say there are a lot of hurt feelings among those close to the couple ... We're told Faith's son, CJ Wallace -- her child with Biggie Smalls -- is especially upset ... The sources think Stevie J knew if Faith started telling friends and family she was marrying him, they would talk her out of it. friends and family members were blowing up Faith's phone Wednesday, asking her why she did it. Faith and Stevie tied the knot in their hotel room around PM Tuesday. We're told a number of friends and fam are so bitter ... She responded by sending them a song she just recorded with Stevie J called, "A Minute" with the explanation ... "This has made her a bit more loving toward me." Speaking about one of the times Kylie was a little "She was actually best friends with Kylie, and I was good friends with her cousin Ireland.

How many good responses to "hey baby" and "wanna fuck? Still, there was at least one message that made her pause. "My wife and I are interested in a threesome with a hot, young bi-sexual or bi-curious lady. We're looking for a curvy young lady to spoil and teach. He looked like a scrubbed up Charlie Hunnam and she was tiny with long brown hair. Most of the people who sent these ads scared her a little.She was afraid that she would be beaten up and robbed, which if you were into that, was great, but she really wasn't.Within a few weeks, they'd all gotten bored, Hailey Grace included.Though she still checked it almost everyday, she'd gotten into a habit of just deleting the messages. She got several of them a day, but the attached picture were amazing.Opening up with Lana Del Rey for the new issue of Elle, the model shared her reaction to the pregnancy news and reveals how Hailey Baldwin once came between the two sisters.

"It's obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you. But it's beautiful," Jenner explained, adding that little Stormi's arrival has made their relationship stronger. We've always been very close, but we would butt heads all the time," Kendall continued.

We'd love to get in contact with you." It was signed Adam. She wants to watch." "No, she doesn't want to watch." "Delete that ad, Hailey Grace. "I'm serious." "So am I." "We'll find a man for you, hun, don't worry," Sasha made one of her mother hen noises and Hailey Grace had to tamp down her irritation. She looked at her laptop for another moment, rereading the ad. She'd had a few dates and had even had sex, but every time she was hooked up with someone it was because one of her friends had given him her number or because she'd been fourth on a group date. It was one of the only things that kept her in this apartment. The shower was large with a shower head that poured warm water over her head. The water relaxed her and goosebumps broke out all over her arms.

Hailey Grace bit her lip and held the mouse over the reply link. That is a mess you don't want to step in." Sure, thought Hailey Grace, it was easy for her to say. She'd never picked anyone her friends didn't agree with, and no one had ever picked her first. She dreamed about warm hands running up and down her back, grabbing her hips, and pulling her hair. In the living room of her apartment she opened the laptop. "It would have been better if you were here." The brunette woman was sprawled out on a massage table, her back slick with oil. The only part of him Hailey Grace could see was his well-muscled stomach and the base of his cock where he'd slid it into her. The apartment itself was cookie-cutter, just like a million other apartments. She washed and conditioned her hair quickly then slid down the wall onto the bench and nudged the hot water up a notch.

But according to TMZ, people close to the 21-year-old model deny that this particular piece of jewelry is an engagement ring.

“Apparently, Shawn doesn’t work THAT quickly,” the site boasts.

The blonde showed off her figure in a red crop top and silky boxer shorts combo but all eyes were on the diamond ring, which she seemed happy to flash, on her left hand.