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A coded character set in which each character is represented by a 1-byte code.

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The person who controls and manages a computer system. In OSI, a person who controls how the open system resources of a system or enterprise are used.Lightweight set of extensions to existing markup languages, in particular HTML and XHTML that enable multimodal and telephony access to information, applications and Web services from PCs, telephones, tablet PCs and wireless personal digital assistants An integral subsystem that maintains a database of information about user accounts, including passwords, any account groups a given user belongs to, the access rights each user is allowed, and any special privileges a given user has.term used by hardware repair people that refers to the fact that computers are not in question as to IF they will crash and die; it is only a matter of when.The three lethal factors are heat, power that is not clean and cigarette smoke residue.Device attached only to the primary ring of a FDDI ring. SAS Institute, a business intelligence software vendor, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

com a disk-interface technology developed by a group of the industry's leading vendors to replace parallel ATA. Serial ATA only requires seven wires per device (4 data and 3 ground) and the cables can be up to 1m long.A public-domain alternative to DOM for enabling programming languages to work with XML documents.SAX is API that uses "start events" and "stop events" to parse an XML document so that an application can interact with it.specification created in March 2006 by a nonprofit working group, including collaborative vendors such as Intel, Dell, EMC and LSI, which defines SBB as the mechanical/electrical interface between a passive backplane drive array and the electronics packages that give the array its personality.Novell's Protocol provides information about what servers are available on the network.An NTSC audio channel used for auxiliary transmission, such as foreign language broadcasting or teletext.a serial register built into a VRAM to enable it to transfer large quantities of data from the DRAM portion of the device to a graphics controller or frame buffer.