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There are two different types of MAO: MAO-A (monoamine oxidase A) and MAO-B (monoamine oxidase B).

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The proposed rule defines a wholesale exposure as a credit exposure to a company, individual, sovereign or governmental entity (other than a securitization exposure, retail exposure, or equity exposure).The term "company" is broadly defined to mean a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, depository institution, business trust, SPE, association, or similar organization.The increased serotonin level is a desired result, functioning to help treat the patient’s depression.However, the inhibition of monoamine oxidase B causes increased levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which can lead to hypertensive crisis.This patient is constantly under a lot of stress from managing a divorce, her part-time job, going to school at night and being a single parent to three sons.

The increased secretion of cortisol and other stress...In relation to the brain, hypertensive crisis often manifests as a headache. The primary visual cortex is in the cerebral cortex of the brain.The release of serotonin initiates migraine headaches and increases the brain’s sensitivity to migraine-triggering stimuli.A common migraine often brings about a pain of moderate-to-severe intensity that is described as “throbbing” or “pounding.” While this pain typically manifests itself unilaterally, meaning the pain is localized to one side of the head, it is more specifically localized to the temple.Easily aggravated by physical activity, the common migraine can often have supplementary neck pain.The patient complains of a “pounding and throbbing” headache with pain that is unilaterally localized to her right temple and associated neck pain.