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Sedatives can also be useful in a number of stressful situations such as during thunderstorms and when fireworks displays are happening near-by.Then there is also the anxiety associated with travel and grooming.

Diazepam is a sedative with strong muscle relaxant properties, which is what allows it to aid with restlessness and tension, and it also has anti-convulsive properties.If your dog is preparing for a potentially stressful situation and you have time to give them a dose before hand, this drug can make a big difference.A form of sedative or calming solution can be essential to keep stress levels down and ensure that they don’t get sick or injure themselves.In some cases, such as small surgical procedures, difficult grooming or long car rides, a pill-form sedative may be required to put your dog into a drowsy, relaxed state or even to put them to sleep entirely for the duration of the ordeal.Some dogs are simply uncomfortable with the sensation of travelling and others find they get a little travel sick.

Either way, it helps to have some sort of dog sedative for travel to help them remain calm throughout the journey.Another important problem that can lead to the use of sedatives is travel anxiety.Travelling away from the home can be an issue for some dogs and they become distrustful of getting in the car – perhaps your dog has learnt to associate car journeys with the vet or other places they are less happy.When searching for information on pet sedatives online, one key question always seems to come up to the top of the list.Is it a good idea to use a dog sedative for grooming and, if so, what should you use?Before looking at some of the best practices and products that you may wish to try, let’s take a closer look at these situations and the different problems that they bring.