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The big, gay episode of entitled “Refuge”, comes in hot right out of the gates as it opens with a nightclub raid in Abkhazia.

This raid is the fifth reported one in a month, the target of which is to flush out the country’s LGBTQ population, as being gay has just recently been legalized in the country.

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episode, “Refuge,” the show gave Ramirez space to really shine as Kat guides us through a fictionalized, but nonetheless harrowing LGBTQIA human rights violation case.She also explores her personal, multiple intersections, coming out to the viewing audience as a queer, bisexual woman.After all, it’s a political drama that focuses on the Secretary of State and international affairs, rarely pausing to delve too deeply into the personal lives outside of Elizabeth and her family.Color me pleasantly surprised, no actually, completely shell shocked and sobbing, to watch Kat sit across from Jay and utter the word “bisexual” to describe herself.She and Jay Whitman, the Chief of Staff, chow down on some Chinese food in the office while waiting for the next step.

Over the nosh session, Kat mentions her young daughter Desi, which prompts a question from Jay as to whether she’s on the whole parenting journey alone.She keeps fiddling her tie with her hands, as if she just doesn’t know where to place them.She’s just been told of a club raid in Abkhazia, where the government arrested everyone on trumped up charges of prostitution and resisting arrest.Kat’s been given word that asylum seekers at the US embassy are saying that they are facing genocide.While Secretary Mc Cord works diplomatic channels with Abkhazia, Jay Whitman, the Secretary’s Chief of Staff, and Kat work together with The Human Crisis Foundation, a fictionalized version of Out Right Action International, who provided consultation on the episode.Over the last four months, Kat Sandoval has been a consistent presence as Elizabeth’s policy advisor while maintaining her confident, soft butch vibe, but her sexuality had never been explicitly discussed until just recently.