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As a child, Zadornov listened to his father reading him works of literature before he went to sleep, such as classic writings of adventure and suspense, and poems.

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In 1984-1985 he worked as a leader of a group of satire and humor in the magazine called Humor.Stories called “An Open Letter to the General Secretary” and “The Ninth Wagon” were written by Zadornov for the show "Around the Laughter" and also in the magazine called The Art of Cinema.I am thankful for your ministry.""Because of this Christian penpals, I have become friends with a lady I consider one of my dearest friends. was a Soviet and Russian stand-up comedian and writer.Because they can walk away, unhappy partners have more power to demand change.

Spousal suicide, domestic violence and the murder of husbands by wives have all fallen as a result.It was after dinner, we’d had a bottle of wine or four, and decided we wanted to go to the bar ashore for a drink – but of course we didn’t want to get dressed. Into the dighy we climbed, motored off to the bar (not the Soggy Dollar, the other one) and in we walked.There were only half a dozen people there, but not surprisingly our entrance was noticed.In parallel with writing pieces Zadornov started performing and making his own shows where he would compare life in Russia and other countries of the world, tell stories about his experience in other countries.His jokes in the end of 20th century concentrated more on satirizing USSR and its inhabitants, and later shifted to mockery and criticizing of the West.She was very flustered, garbled a few incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders.