Rules for dating younger men

Maybe a girl will come along who finds what he does sexy, and she appreciates him for the effort and passion he puts into it. Men today want to feel like they can conquer in many ways, fighting other men, being superior in physical sports and yes having sex with many women makes men feel like a winner, boosts his male ego and helps to erase that feeling of being a loser. You can have your man eating out of your hand, I mean it, if you will only show him your appreciation. Instead, see this as what it is – charging your man’s battery in the way he is designed so that he has the energy he needs to love you the way you need and want. I like how you qualified it by saying this only works when one has a “set of positive core values”.When he’s with her, he gets all this validation and appreciation for the man he is and the mission he’s on. ”, no doubt your answer would be ” Well of course, why wouldn’t I”. Sure we have a choice and should resist our primal urges but its a fight against our nature. I feel that I should mention that this only works on men who have a consistent set of positive core values – “good guys” in other words. Ladies you may want to take heed to what John is saying. Both are essential to a happy and fulfilling relationship.So here is the Men don’t cheat because they’re scumbags or scoundrels.

I thought if I made his life as easy and manageable as possible he would love me even more and would suddenly find the motivation to get his life in order. Secondary part is that our culture is designed to weaken the family unit.I paid for our dates because he couldn’t afford to, I did his laundry (…because he couldn’t afford to), I cleaned his apartment, I fixed his resume, I searched for job listings online and applied to them for him, I kept doing and doing and was baffled as to why he kept sinking deeper into his rut. They are things with brains of a whole other reality. This results in the ruling government elite psychos to step in to fill the authority gap that all women desire and most men.If these feelings converge with him meeting a woman who is turned on by him, who does value him, who does appreciate him, who makes him feel like a man well….MORE: 5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men I’m not saying cheating in this case is okay or acceptable. When my ex cheated on me I was devastated and thought he was the world’s biggest scumbag.I know it may sound ridiculous to you, but this really is a testament to how vital a man’s need to feel like a winner is. Yes the partner could of rescued them like they said or do the opposite. If a man doesn’t feel useful, he will find someplace where he belongs. So the men feel like losers and the woman is to emotional.

Men will often sacrifice things that they truly hold dear simply to temporarily get rid of the feeling of being a loser. Do you really expect you to save your kids or your dog? Everyone has these expectations which on they should really just ditch. Men cheat because some are scum bags, and some are bored with what they get at home, which makes them a scum bag!!! Stop with the It just happened…………….there is no excuse. Men cheat because they were not ready for real marriage, for better or for worse.

When a woman cheats, it’s usually because her emotional needs are no longer being met—maybe she no longer feels seen or cared for or understood.

When a man cheats, it is most often because he feels like a loser in the relationship.

He feels like he is constantly disappointing his woman and nothing he does is good enough.

He may feel like she no longer desires him sexually, like she doesn’t appreciate him, like she’s disappointed in him, like she isn’t impressed by him.

After many months of things going from bad to worse, of our once passion-filled relationship drying up into an almost platonic, mother-son type of dynamic, he cheated on me and swiftly entered into a relationship with said mistress. Bottom line is that cheater cohorts are created to cause division in the family structure, if not destroy the family unit based upon father’s authority, to make Orwellization very very very easy. He’s a junior high kid, mentally, in an adult body. A woman that is self-obsessed, sees everything in the world only in the context of herself, and has no interest in the things you feel good about doing, works only for a while – while you are trying to become important to her.