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So let’s consider our options to be the protector in chief as a father does.

Some age-old classic approaches include: Let me start by saying that I in no way consider myself qualified to be the adult in charge of guiding this amazing little girl through life but it’s just Charlie and me so it’s 100 percent up to me ('us as a team', as I always tell Charlie).

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To make responsible informed decisions about her own body, to love herself just as she is.Whether it is teaching Charlie the accurate names for her body parts (I beam with pride when Charlie can point out her tibia, fibula, and femur).Alright dads gather round, we need to talk about our precious daughters and those little boys who want to get their hands on them.We know from experience because we were once that hormone crazed little teen just prowling for the chance to get to any base with a girl, right?Daughters that grow up with fathers who disappointed them are more likely to interpret the intentions of other men as sexual when they grow up, new research suggests.

In a new study from a team of researchers who have previously studied how fathers influence their daughters’ odds of risky sexual behaviours and the particulars of so-called “daddy issues”.I look at her and see the little girl she is, that currently needs to be protected and nurtured and the harsh reality is I won’t be around to protect her forever, however, the lessons she hopefully takes into her adult life will.As much as I’d like to keep my precious baby wrapped safely in my arms I know it’s like trying to hold back the tide and one day she’ll be a young woman.We don’t call her head “up there” so why would we call her vagina “down there”?They’re not “adult” words to be off limits until some arbitrary age or until poor old dad here can cope.Yes, I absolutely want her to find a partner in life that sees her magic.