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So don’t worry if there are only a small number of episodes.

How often do you see a non-explicit romance about adults where the lead female has never really dated before?

embraces romance unabashedly and includes swoon-worthy scenes from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a dreamy male lead, look no further than the charismatic and handsome Gong Yoo!

Content Note: Mostly feels TV-PG Where to Watch: Hulu, Dramafever, Viki, Amazon Prime (available to stream as a Dramafever Instant Add-on), Buy on DVD (average price). What’s great about this show is that it was ahead of its time in relation to great female roles.

The girl is the “superhero” while the guy is the computer whiz behind the scenes supporting her.

James Cameron was also the creator and even directs the epic finale (unfortunately, there is a cliffhanger due to the show’s unfortunate cancellation).

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on 50 of the most romantic TV Shows from around the world.

Now this, by all means, is not an all comprehensive list!

Why You Should Watch: This romantic Korean Drama/romantic comedy remains one of Korea’s most popular shows to date.

The unusual romance about a girl who pretends to be a boy (and then falls in love with a boy who believes she’s a boy – man that’s a mouthful) will captivate you from the start.

And to make it easier for all of you looking for your next binge-watch (or slow burn if that’s more your style), I also include where you can watch these fantastic TV Shows (when available)!