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(the bottom jockey wheel should be 30mm away from the spring when in bottom gear) and position of mech on chainstay relative to large cog.

Even with a braze on bracket there should be some adjustment. The position of the mech on the chainstay is determined by the size of the large sprocket as shown on the diagram 2.

French Cyclo made an alloy version for 3/32 in 3/4/5-speed.For setting up the Oppy, a medium range deluxe (ie chromed 3-speed 1/8 version), the principle is the same except a smaller diameter lever /cable is used.Use a screwdriver to adjust the throw by turning the spindle .Once you have the correct position hold and tighten the spindle nut The position of the freewheel can be adjusted by using a spacer behind it. Fitting the cable fit at the gear end first keeping the milled ball on the left hand side. Place gear lever in the furthest forward position and fit the cable using the adjusters to take up any slack For two and three speeds it is essential that in high and low the nipple does not move above the 3 and 9 o'clock positions.Collins (who continually refers to the Bennet daughters as "my fair cousins").

Jane Austen had also made fun of the expression in (one of her Juvenilia): when a lady is caught in a steel trap on the estate of a handsome young man, another character exclaims "Oh!

must not soon be seen to be standing up with someone other than the man she has turned down).

In some cases (depending on the lady's scruples and/or fear of being seen to violate etiquette or fear of giving offense, and the particular circumstances involved), it means she won't dance at all for the rest of the evening.

Jane Austen herself was said to be dextrous and neat in folding and sealing letters (though in her letters she often deprecates her own handwriting as being too large, unlike that of Cassandra -- at the time, letters were charged according to the number of sheets of paper, so the smaller you could make your writing, the more you could fit in).

To save postage, letters were frequently "crossed": i.e.

If it does it will put excessive strain on the cable and cause breakage.