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Like driving a hot car, I love the extent to which you enhance my status in the eyes of others, letting them know that I’m top dog, and so on.I love thinking others are jealous of my possessions.

I love the power I have to keep you working hard to prove your love and devotion, wondering what else you need to do to “prove” your loyalty.“I love you” means I love the way I feel when I’m with you.Katie Salmon, who Gradon coupled up with after Powell left the villa, also tweeted her thoughts in a lengthy message, in which she said "Your smile will be remembered forever" and "my thoughts are with your family friends and love ones at this horrendous time. Gradon had shared updates about the couple's life on Twitter, most recently posting, "When the love of your life loves his dogs like this you know he’s the one. & those arms." Since leaving the villa, Gradon engaged in varied work, including creating her own clothes collection with The Fashion Bible.She recently shared on Instagram her sadness at the loss of bar manager Paul Burns, who was reportedly known locally as Mr Newcastle Writing on Instagram, she posted: "Today was all about you sweetheart.(Misery loves company.) (It’s not about the closeness, empathy, emotional connection you want, or what I did that hurt or embarrassed you, or how little time I spend engaged with you or the children, and so on.

It’s about my status and doing my job to keep you in your place, in pain, focused on feeling my pain, blocking you from feeling valued in relation to me.

I love that this makes me feel like a god, to keep you so focused (obsessed…) with making me feel worshiped and adored, sacrificing everything for me to prove yourself so that I don’t condemn or disapprove of you, seeking to please none other, and inherently, with sole rights to administer rewards and punishments as I please. “I love you” means I love the way I feel when I see myself through your admiring eyes, that you’re my feel-good drug, my dedicated audience, my biggest fan and admirer, and so on.

I love how I can use my power to keep you down, doubting and second-guessing yourself, questioning your sanity, obsessed with explaining yourself to me (and others), professing your loyalty, wondering what’s wrong with you (instead of realizing that … Training you to look up to me, never question me, and bow down with pleasure to serve me as your never-erring, omniscient, omnipotent source of knowledge is my end-goal — .

In a statement issued to Bustle, Northumbria police confirmed the following: "At about 8.27 p.m.

yesterday (June 20) police attended a property in Medburn, Ponteland, where sadly a 32-year-old woman was found deceased .

Why would I let it, when I’m hooked on deriving pleasure from depriving you of anything that would make you feel worthwhile, be wind beneath your wings, risking you’d fly away from me?