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Facing a stranger square on can feel intimidating; it can come across as though you’re trying to box them in.

Instead, you want to angle yourself slightly away from them, which feels more accommodating and friendly.

Just take a look at our social networks as we fill our days with Facebook status updates, Instagraming everything and tweeting about every aspect of our lives.

So in short: we are our favorite subjects because goddamn it feels good to talk about ourselves.And since this fits in with the reward theory of attraction, getting people to talk about themselves is a valuable part of getting people to like you. Or have you ever wished you could find a way to join a group of cool people and fit in like you’ve always belonged?Ever wish you could be one of those people who can just make friends the way other folks breathe?Tilting your chin down ever so slightly gives a feeling of being equal and approachable.

Similarly, a slight tilt to the side communicates friendliness and gives the impression that you like them.

It’s called “the reward theory of attraction”; simply put, we like people who make us feel gratified and rewarded when we’re around them.

If a relationship brings more pleasure than discomfort, then we find ourselves drawn to them and want that relationship to continue.

Franklin was taking advantage of an effect known as cognitive dissonance – the tension between the man’s attitude (“I hate Ben Franklin”) and the fact that he just did a favor for a man he disliked.

Our brains don’t like the tension; we prefer to at least So by asking a stranger for their help – getting some advice to settle a disagreement, wanting to know where they got those boots, what they think about the brand of phone they’re using – we’re asking them to do something nice for us. Another key psychological component to building rapport with someone is to remember that we instinctively like people who like . So one of the easiest ways to indicate that we like someone is to let them know we think they’re fascinating and that they have a lot to offer.

I can’t stress enough how important non-verbal communication is when it comes to making a positive connection with somebody.