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The part about Spyware Doctor that we like best is that it doesn't let anything slip past it.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - and Spyware Doctor is heavy on prevention.

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It can also detect and remove hidden threats such as rootkits.The program also uses Intelli Guard technology to prevent you from being bombarded with cryptic questions about trusted processes – it ensures you only get alerted when a spyware infection has been found, making it the perfect tool for any PC user, not just experts.Although many anti-virus programs now include anti-spyware protection, their rates of detection and removal are hit and miss.Spyware Doctor consistently outperforms other anti-spyware programs when it comes to both spotting and cleaning your PC of spyware.If Spyware Doctor does find spyware on your system, the removal process is painless and non-technical.

First, Spyware Doctor will attempt to clean the spyware infection without interrupting your computer.

You can't go anywhere without getting 10 popups, and there's 20 waiting for you in the morning.

You're stalked by nasty advertisements for the type of things you'd never look for on your own - so what went wrong? If you don't have anti-spyware on your computer, you're only half-protected.

It scans your computer in real-time as you use it, preventing spyware from installing before you're even aware there's a problem.

PC Tools' Spyware Doctor is used in repair shops, homes, and large companies the world over. Phil recommends this product, and for good reason - PC Tools makes great software, and Spyware Doctor is no exception.

Spyware Doctor also starts an initial scan of your system to ensure that no malware is currently present on your computer.