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H0Tgirl13: LOL PWNED HOT_N_SEXY_GUY: hi hotty H0Tgirl13: hey HOT_N_SEXY_GUY: hw r u H0Tgirl13: great H0Tgirl13: u?HOT_N_SEXY_GUY: asl pls HOT_N_SEXY_GUY: m gr8 H0Tgirl13: 45/m/canberra H0Tgirl13: LOL PWNED paolo_maldini: hi again...quebecgirl14: nop quebecgirl14: sorry bobby8466: %%%% bobby8466: ok well anywyas well cyber here bobby8466: u wanna start? abraham31: only for u i am here quebecgirl14: nice abraham31: what is ur hobbies? Then after they incriminate themselves tell the perv your with the FBI and log off. H0Tgirl13: nah Ordinary_guy: this takes too long for the reponses Ordinary_guy: what would u do to me Ordinary_guy: have u eveer done anything in rl H0Tgirl13: what r u whearing?

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big132: im eating ur %%%%% bigtits96: OOOOOOOOH YEAH BABY bigtits96: ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!! bigtits96: DEVOUR MY DROPPINGS LIKE A REAL MAN big132: im blowing on your azz bigtits96: I THROW ON THE STRAP ON AND FUCK YOUR EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! guyfor.....: yes guyfor.....: you see it Horny_Girl34: cool, ME TOO! --------------------------------------------- -------------- sohex: iyi geceler Horny_Girl34: hm?

I d=110&Boxnum=3&Sym Name=numbness around ge nital or rectal area&typ=3 big132: i naked wit my dick showin bigtits96: like that /05/keyra_agustina_14_002bigtits96: sorry bigtits96: I'm getting wet big132: it is real big and ready to me suck will u do that bigtits96: yes big132: i ment i want u to suck y dick bigtits96: I start to suck your penis bigtits96: I deepthrought it big132: ooooooooooooooooooooooo bigtits96: I'm sucking and sucking bigtits96: wait bigtits96: I have to shit bigtits96: LET ME SHIT ON YOUR CHEST!!!!!!! guyfor.....: yes guyfor.....: tell me your msn Horny_Girl34: Do you have a big cock? --------------------------------------------- -------------- I don't know what the fuck this guy was on about...

H0Tgirl13: hey hottie H0Tgirl13: sorry i disced paolo_maldini: i want to play with my help me?

H0Tgirl13: yes of course H0Tgirl13: you got some oil? H0Tgirl13: great H0Tgirl13: my left hand is going up and down H0Tgirl13: the right is in H0Tgirl13: UR ASS H0Tgirl13: LOL H0Tgirl13: PWNED H0Tgirl13: MUHAHAHA Ok no more of this shit im getting traumatize. Sexylass2k6:tell me were u live 1st Big Cck: Crewe Sexylass2k6:i live in crewe too !!!

erotic Msexy: il make you horny Horny_Girl34: I'm wearing a red g-string erotic Msexy: oh i will tear that gi string with my teeth erotic Msexy: il bruccsh my %%%% between your teets erotic Msexy: il make you swallow and deeb troath me hard my %%%% Horny_Girl34: No no, you deep throat me first erotic Msexy: il %%%% you from behind like a whore Horny_Girl34: Ohh anal, just how I like it erotic Msexy: il grab your haer and %%%% you feeling pain when i stretch your haer erotic Msexy: il givre you so %%%% %%%% that you hear your %%%% banging with your stomack erotic Msexy: il lick your nipples hard and make you suffer feeling you want me Horny_Girl34: Ohh watch out for my nipples, they're kind of hairy erotic Msexy: than il %%%% lick your %%%%% erotic Msexy: oh yes i lick them severe Horny_Girl34: Can you suck me off now? Guest_1531: sweet Guest_1531: you can %%%% me silly tightyteen3: oh yeah.

Horny_Girl34: ofcourse not, i'm a chick with a dick mystery_life_m: good luck than horny girl mystery_life_m: byee ------------------------------------- And now the best one of all ------------------------------------- erotic Msexy: hello Horny_Girl34: Hello erotic Msexy: asl pls? erotic Msexy: im sexy hot on msn Horny_Girl34: Really Horny_Girl34: Wanna cyber ? erotic Msexy: oh yesssssssssss Horny_Girl34: Really ? Horny_Girl34: Wait baby, do you wanna Cyber first Horny_Girl34: I like to see how my nerds perform Horny_Girl34: If you satisfy me, i'll show you my tits on cam, and I'll masturbate with a dildo for you erotic Msexy: ok give me your msn id..i show you mine on cam erotic Msexy: satisfy you 4 sure Horny_Girl34: No, no, just do it through words on here, turns me on so much more Horny_Girl34: I'll cum so much for you on cam if you can satisfy me here Horny_Girl34: And when you have msn, I'll do anything for you erotic Msexy: ok erotic Msexy: i tell me what underwear you have? Nice Girl9913: Hey I'm a lesbian Nice too meet you. mystery_life_m: yes please Horny_Girl34: Well my dicks not too big, but hopefully it'll suffice mystery_life_m: r u m? Horny_Girl34: I go for the nerdy type, are you nerdy ? bigtits96: SEXY bigtits96: IN THE EAR big132: im %%%%%%% u big132: hard in the azz bigtits96: NO YOU CAN'T FUCK M bigtits96: ME bigtits96: I'M DOING YOUR EAR bigtits96: THAT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE AT THE SAME TIME big132: u a freak bigtits96: UR A FREAK bigtits96: YOU DON'T LIKE SHIT ON YOUR CHEST AND A PENIS IN YOUR EAR bigtits96: I HAVE A PENIS YOU KNOW big132: no bigtits96: I START TO FUCK YOUR ASSHOLE bigtits96: WITHOUT LUBE bigtits96: YOUR BUNGHOLE RIPS bigtits96: AND BLOOD IS EVERWHERE bigtits96: I LICK UP THE BLOOD big132: u crazy bigtits96: AND KNIFE YOU IN THE STOMOCH bigtits96: AND FUCK YOU THROUGH THE SLIT!!!!!!!!!!! sohex: nasılsınız sohex: napıyonusunuz bu vakitte sohex: ordamisin canım Horny_Girl34: What the fuck sohex: azgın bayan sohex: from sohex: from sohex: hey sohex: naapıın sohex: from sohex: from sohex: whera are you from sohex: you are smellıng sex sohex: thara ------------------------------------- sexyguy8435: you're horny Horny_Girl34: I am sexyguy8435: ok sexyguy8435: what do you whana talk about Horny_Girl34: I don't really give a fuck, but man my balls are itchy sexyguy8435: ok ------------------------------------- mystery_life_m: hi mystery_life_m: what is going on with u? mystery_life_m: i %%%%%%% hate u mystery_life_m: i dont %%%%%%% love u Horny_Girl34: I was going to flash for you..I'm not mystery_life_m: see u can speak when u want mystery_life_m: u ok? mystery_life_m: ok than we r enemy get ready your guns Horny_Girl34: Do you want me to flash you?colaman: im 3 too we can be good friends Sexy Girl69: yes, ill go get my toy truck Sexy Girl69: and ill put it in your garage lololol colaman: wats with the 69 Sexy Girl69: you've never heard of the 69 position? quebecgirl14: nvm quebecgirl14: k quebecgirl14: what do you look like? quebecgirl14: if you know what i mean quebecgirl14: x D abraham31: that is nice abraham31: i love fun too quebecgirl14: what do you look like? abraham31: i like doggy more abraham31: and i like anal too quebecgirl14: i never tryed doggy abraham31: i sugges u quebecgirl14: why not abraham31: it is wonderful quebecgirl14: wanna cyber dude?colaman: u like the song summer of 69 colaman: o lol colaman: i thought u piked it cause of the song Sexy Girl69: oh, no lol colaman: which i did bobby8466: hey quebecgirl14: hey bobby8466: do u wanna cyber? quebecgirl14: btw bobby8466: lol hold on quebecgirl14: i got a hot french accent quebecgirl14: lol bobby8466: do u wanna cyber? quebecgirl14: why not bobby8466: do u have msn and cam? bobby8466: lol i want u to put on a show for me first bobby8466: i want u to masturbate 4 me quebecgirl14: k quebecgirl14: im using heating oil quebecgirl14: touching your cock quebecgirl14: AND STICKING MY FINGER IN UR ASS quebecgirl14: YOU GOT PWN quebecgirl14: MUAHAHAHA abraham31: hi quebecgirl14: hi abraham31: asl pls? abraham31: 25 m quebecgirl14: k quebecgirl14: where do you live? quebecgirl14: nothing much quebecgirl14: chatting with you hon quebecgirl14: and u? abraham31: look like an engineer quebecgirl14: i love engineer quebecgirl14: dude... abraham31: i prefer real but cyber is also good quebecgirl14: k quebecgirl14: you start abraham31: hýmmm abraham31: i like with kissing ur sweet %%%% quebecgirl14: god... abraham31: then go down abraham31: and kissing ur belly quebecgirl14: hmm quebecgirl14: This is what you should do: Pretend to be a horny teenager then lure a pedophile into a sex filled conversation. H0Tgirl13: hey Ordinary_guy: qa/s/l plz Ordinary_guy has joined. H0Tgirl13: a lil bit H0Tgirl13: x D Ordinary_guy: do u want to catch up later H0Tgirl13: nah Ordinary_guy: k H0Tgirl13: im just touching myself... Ordinary_guy: wow thats great Ordinary_guy: yes, how old ru H0Tgirl13: 13 Ordinary_guy: thats a little young Ordinary_guy: you should tell us your 18 Ordinary_guy: what do u look H0Tgirl13: tight ass H0Tgirl13: c cup breast H0Tgirl13: brunette Ordinary_guy: i hear ya H0Tgirl13: hmmm H0Tgirl13: black eyes Ordinary_guy: wanna do it over the phone??H0Tgirl13: im rubbing my self Ordinary_guy: seems like it is forever H0Tgirl13: wanna cyber? Ordinary_guy: my boxers Ordinary_guy: what r u wearing H0Tgirl13: a pink panty Ordinary_guy: take them off H0Tgirl13: and a red top H0Tgirl13: yes...