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Tokens that can influence the behavior of the ladies can also be bought by using the standard bank debit or credit card. NGORONGORO II Berlin Gallery Weekend Lehderstrasse 34, 13086 Berlin, Germany – 29 April 2018, 10am–midnight Preview: Thursday 26 April 2018, 10 am–midnight Opening party 6 pm–onwards For the period of Berlin gallery weekend 2018 and the second time in its history the 6,000 square meter studio spaces of Lehderstrasse 34 will host an incredibly diverse exhibition of paintings, sculpture, multi media, installation, film and photography, in which artists invite artists to exhibit in the context of this studio environment, thus returning the viewer to the very place of art's genesis.Works by Tim Noble and Sue Webster at this exhibition are The Simple Ones, 2017 and The Mastepiece, 2014.

The resulting casts retain the spontaneity of the sculptor's hands, and remain humanised and true to the subject.The dimensional qualities vary between each pair yet they are united by a fluidity and lightness of gesture that is rare to see in large-scale sculpture.With a punk aesthetic, the artists combine form and anti-form to bring about the unexpected, creating new modes of portraiture and playing with the idea of how humans perceive abstract images and define them with meaning.Parallel to their shadow investigations, Noble and Webster have created a series of light sculptures that reference iconic pop culture symbols represented in the form of shop-front-type signage and carnival shows inherent of British seaside towns, Las Vegas and Times Square.A parallel is drawn between the dynamic of an actor and their performed role onstage and our relationship to our projected personas on social media platforms.

From this starting point the exhibition questions, through a range of contemporary artworks of different mediums, the permanence of our identity, what influences it, the multiple shapes it takes and our relationship towards the other self.Based on handmade maquettes made with electrical wire, the sculptures are an act of upscaling playful ephemera into physically domineering artworks with a permanency and scale that transcends human limitations.The initial maquettes for this new body of work were created during a residency on the Caribbean island of St Bart' well known to be the absolute leader in this field and there are hundreds of gorgeous indian cams that can be browse right now.Lose no more time and head to their web page as to experience the ultimate Indian ladies that will blow your mind.Tim Noble & Sue Webster are exhibiting three artworks, Double Header Double Pleasure, 2000; Untitled (Rat and Trap), 2005; and Sacrificial Heart, 2007.