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To highlighting those central questions a quantitative, representative online survey with Austrian journalists was conducted in 2016.

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Six examples of the IDD method in action are provided (the terms, words, and names 'self-fulfilling prophecy', ' Humpty Dumpty', 'living fossil', 'moral panic', 'boredom', and 'selfish gene') and each of these examples is shown to disconfirm widely accepted expert knowledge belief claims about their history of coinage, conception, and published origin.

Unterschiede zeigen sich je nach Erwerbsform, Ressort und Arbeitsbedingungen im Journalismus.

----------------------------------The purpose of this master’s thesis is to investigate on the usage of non-neutral search engine Google as a problematic access source in the field of journalism in Austria.

Consider this document as a working paper, to be used for basic referencing but not as seminal source for research work.

It could be useful for research in the fields of Website Visibility, Information Retrieval The research as described in this document, was done by the first author as noted below.

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