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The petition, lodged with the Queensland Parliament this month, has 160 signatures wanting Dundowran Beach to become the state's first legal clothing optional beach.

(Possibly not enough scantily clad, seriously intoxicated women?) My friend Karin tells me that any Tinder photo where the guy looks kind of "normal" - both eyes are open, for example - is a good place to start. In fact, I'm seriously thinking about starting my own dating app.But Mr Waters said he had not heard from Mr Taylor and his real estate agent had struggled to make contact with him.WORLD Naked Gardening Day had the Fraser Coast's green thumbs going back to nature, with dozens of gardeners showing off their bare-all approach on social media.Gardener Emma Thorp didn't seem to mind stripping down - she said it was about "celebrating gardening and where we live." "It's about embracing it, getting out there and participating; there's no real message behind it," she said. When I lived in Melbourne, there's no way we'd be out naked in May.

"This shows how well the plants grow here." Saturday's world-celebrated event saw gardening enthusiasts of all ages share their nude photos of pruning, hedging and general garden work on Facebook.The secluded home on the banks of the Burrum River was the first built in Burrum Heads. Mr Taylor said health problems had delayed his offer, which he intends to lodge in the next few weeks."I intend to put a preliminary offer in with the purchase subject to the council (approving a change of use)," he said.Shortly after police announced the arrest, a note appeared on the site titled "Got Him".The Fraser Coast Regional Council in southern Queensland says it will not be swayed by a petition calling for a nude beach in the region.I am an editor with a broad range of interests including well-being, the environment, politics, lifestyle issues, social trends, sex and relationships and community.