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With its architecture, the number and range of people that pass through every day, and the stands and space available to businesses, the Barcelona North Bus Station will provide a splendid shop window for your business.

There have been five editions of the instrument as of 2017 – these are the original Nord Stage in 2005, the Nord Stage EX in 2008, the Nord Stage 2 in 2011, the Nord Stage 2 EX in 2015, and the Nord Stage 3 in 2017.

The Nord Stage follows the success of earlier keyboard instruments from Clavia, and contains similar emulations of vintage electromechanical keyboards such as the Hammond Organ and electric pianos as found on the Nord Electro 2, with additional functionality including a weighted piano-like keyboard on certain models, a synthesizer section based on the Nord Lead, a more versatile organ section and extended effects processing.

This section, unlike the others, does not directly generate sound.

Instead, it allows users to control other gear connected via MIDI.

Since a real Farfisa organ selects sounds via rocker tabs instead of drawbars, the drawbuttons behave as tabs when the Farfisa emulation is selected on the Stage.

The standard set of Percussion, Chorus and Vibrato settings as found on each of the three organs are available, and a rotary speaker emulation (similar to a Leslie speaker), including speed selection and overdrive, is also available. (1 GB on the Stage 2, 2 GB on the Stage 3) allow multiple sample sets to be installed.

Acoustic Piano sounds are stereo samples, which can be switched manually to "Mono Mode", and can be played at 40-note polyphony; electric piano samples are mono and can be played with 60-note polyphony.

The Stage Synthesizer combines wavetables with analog oscillators and FM operators.

Featuring filter and envelope controls, the Synth Section's timbre knob allows users to move through different sound groups.

A number of programs are available to store sounds under three categories – Synth, Pad or Bass.

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