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Students registered for cancelled courses will be notified via their Monmouth University e-mail account.

If a course requires a prerequisite, successful registration requires that the exact course must be successfully completed or be in progress for the current term.

These codes can be used to search for specific course descriptions online.

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If you have had a prerequisite substituted, contact your academic advisor and request the department register you for the course.

You can use the Monmouth University Portal, Students who have not completed course prerequisites, or who are not registered for the prerequisite in a prior term, will be prevented from registering for the course.

Below are the type code abbreviations and the explanation of abbreviations.

If you need a detailed description of any type code, please contact your advisor.

The Course Prerequisite Worksheet screen was developed to allow students to check their ability to register for specific courses and determine if they satisfy the prerequisite.

This function is available through the Monmouth University Portal, and the Web Advisor for students menu.

Monmouth University believes that attendance is essential to success in academic courses. The University believes that learning is an interactive process dependent in part on the student and is not just a matter of the passive absorption of information.

The University also believes that to benefit fully from their respective courses, students need to participate in, and contribute constructively to, the classroom experience, and, secondly, that the success of any course depends as much on what students contribute to the class as on what the instructor presents.

In addition, some classes may meet in the classroom and online as well.

Students should contact the instructor for details when necessary or with specific class-related questions.

In some instances, students have substituted another course for a specified prerequisite.