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Facilities that have threshold amounts of hazardous chemicals are required to submit an MSDS for each hazardous chemical and Tier II information annually to their SERC, LEPC, and local fire department (40 CFR 370.10(a)).

Our customers range from construction companies to school districts to food processing plants, to name a few.We have never lost track of the reason safety professionals created MSDS Binder Works - simplicity and accuracy.Our experts can answer your health and safety, transportation, workplace regulation questions plus much more. One of the major components of regulatory compliance is based on four simple words – material safety data sheets (SDS’s).These SDS’s are the base of your company’s safety compliance program.BCHAZMAT can assist you in writing your material safety data sheets (SDS).

Your organization—large or small—will feel comfortable relying on BCHAZMAT‘s dependable MSDS data sheets and MSDS updating expertise.

Should such a change occur, the SDS must be updated within 90 days of the supplier’s becoming aware of the new information.

Employers purchasing a product within this 90-day period must be informed by the supplier of the changes, and of the date by which a revised SDS will be available.

With OSHA's adoption of the , MSDS Binder Works has modified its capabilities to encompass the new requirements.

As such, our name also changed from MSDS Binder Works to SDS Binder Works to reflect these changes.

Over time, other construction companies and their customers discovered the service and asked if they could participate as well.