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For Wi MAX networks, a globally unique Broadband Operator ID can be derived from the MCC/MNC tuple.

TETRA networks use the mobile country code from ITU-T Recommendation E.212 together with a 10-bit binary mobile network code.

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Place your armchair to create a private space right next to the window or at the center of your living room to complement your sofa.The high back for your neck provides extra support and help you relax while you stretch your feet, read a book or chat with a friend.It gives you plenty of room for everything, from your flat screen TV, gaming consoles and sound system to your books.Adding lighting and inserts like drawer dividers can dial up your organization.Mostly for historical reasons, one E.212 MCC may correspond to multiple ISO country codes (e.g. Some operators also choose to use an MCC outside the geographic area that it was assigned to (e.g.

Digicel uses the Jamaica MCC throughout the Caribbean).They’re easy to convert from sofa to bed and back – just pull out or push in the underframe.And you can keep bed linen and other accessories in the practical space under the chaise longue.The following tables attempt to provide a complete list of mobile network operators.Country information, including ISO 3166-1 country codes is provided for completeness.However, a TETRA network may be assigned an E.212 network code as well.