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But it is another opportunity to listen to MJ in the morning.

You can stream the station online and on the i Heart Radio mobile app.

Now at 49 years old, Dave is several years past the age of 45 that the oldest dwarf with his condition apparently lived to be.

Dave the Dwarf – Dave was always known for doing appearances around town, especially at strip clubs.He has continued doing these gigs at Showgirls, a club in Plant City that he used to promote all the time on the MJ Morning Show.For about six months, she worked for 98.7 The Fan in Tampa, an FM sports talk station where she served as a producer on the station’s morning program in Tampa, which is in the same building as 98.7.Apparently the early-morning alarm clock jolt doesn’t bother her as she has continued with a morning work shift.Loyal MJ Morning Show fans are likely disappointed to hear that MJ had 3 offers on the table to relaunch the MJ Morning Show.

In fact, in one case, he said he could have brought back some of the old crew members to the show because of the contractual agreement he was offered.He remains as the host of the 12-year-old, nationally-syndicated talk show airs from 3 p.m. MJ said not to long ago that he intends to move to Colorado at some point in the next few years.No word, though, on whether he’d continue to do the show from out there or if he has any plans outside of radio in his future.MJ is unsuccessful in defamation lawsuit After nearly five years, MJ’s lawsuit against Todd “Bubba the Love Sponge” Clem is finally over. MJ had filed a civil suit against Clem, a longtime radio rival in the Tampa market, in March 2008 for defaming he and his wife, Michelle, on Clem’s morning show, which currently to airs on 102.5 “The Bone” in Tampa. Testimony from MJ’s side came from himself, his wife, Fester, Meredith, Tommy Chuck, BJ, and others associated with the show.Clem called Michelle a “whore” and accused MJ of tampering with Arbitron radio ratings and contests on the MJ Morning Show, including “Mangle Mouth” and “Pick Your Plastic.” His main focus was on the fact that Clem suggested he was a criminal for these actions, which he believed to be defamation of character. This group made the case that MJ, his wife, and many of the crew members had been both verbally and physically attacked by Clem’s listeners.But unfortunately, his comedy is no longer being showcased on the airwaves.