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1990 - 1998The two were co-stars in the steamy erotic thriller 'Wild Orchid,' in which many claimed that sex scenes between the two were not simulated.The two married in 1992, but their relationship was tumultuous, with allegations of abuse and substance issues coming from both sides. Rourke earned recognition as a sex symbol after steaming up the screen with Kim Basinger in , was quoted as saying, "Working with Mickey is a nightmare.

"When I was boxing I had six nose operations, I had cartilage taken from behind my ear, I had short-term memory loss, I've got an equilibrium problem, I don't have as many teeth in my head as I used to," Rourke said.

Thankfully Basinger, 58, didn't ditch acting to throw punches."9 1/2 Weeks" may have set the bar for sexually explicit filmmaking in 1986, but times have changed and the trailer comes across as a little dated these days.

earned Rourke more critical acclaim despite its lack of success at the box office.

Praised by the likes of Johnny Depp as "perfect cinema," Rourke has cited the film as one of the highlights of his career.

He has also been attached to a biopic about gay rugby player Gareth Thomas.

He even made a return to the boxing ring, scoring a knockout of 29-year-old Elliot Seymour in November 2014, although Seymour later claimed the match was fixed.In 2009, Mickey and his beloved Chihuahua, Jaws, appeared in a PETA ad promoting spaying and neutering and urging people to “[h]ave the cojones to fix your dog.When dogs get knocked up, puppies get put down because there aren’t enough homes for them.” (2011).starred Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger as a pair of yuppies — he a Wall Street arbitrageur, she a So Ho art gallery employee — who embark upon a sadomasochistic affair. theaters in 1986, the MGM film tanked at the box office (.7 million) and was eviscerated by critics (not just critics — Basinger told spoke with the 73-year-old director at his home above Beverly Hills to ask about rumors that Rourke and Basinger actually had sex onscreen ("No, they never f—ed") and find out how Lyne got his leading lady to crawl on all fours ("It wasn't manipulation — it was trying to help"). When we previewed it, people were absolutely enraged.The games begin innocently enough (in one classic scene, Rourke feeds a blindfolded Basinger everything from chocolate sauce to jalapeno peppers) but quickly turn to darker, more disturbing psychosexual role-playing (involving horsewhips, "pretend" rape and Basinger in a fake mustache). Sometimes half of the theater would empty, and they'd be yelling at the screen. A lot of actresses whom I've met over the years — Penelope Cruz, who saw it growing up in Spain — have gone on and on and on about it, saying how they were just fascinated in their adolescence by the film. That scene in front of the refrigerator when he blindfolds her and feeds her different foods, was that tricky to shoot?In 1990, Rourke met actress Carré Otis on the set of the steamy thriller The couple married in 1992, but the union ended a few years later after an alleged assault landed Rourke in jail.