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This wouldlet him know how far she was willing to go. Part 2 Making Mother My Slut (baiting the hook) John must have stared at the lewd photo his mother unknowingly sent him foran hour. Hehehe." As he waited for the attached photo to download he opened theletter. "***************************** Luch hour found Janice in one of the seedier parts of town. I'm trying to find a gift for a friend of mine." Janice regretted saying that themoment it left her lips. He'd known fromthe moment she'd walked into the place she was out of her element." Well perhaps I can makea few ...suggestions for your friends gift" It had been a slow day so he though he couldhave a bit of fun with her. That would be very nice of you" Maybe this wasn't going to be so badafter all she thought. Shedidn't have a clue what she was doing and he though that this might be a way to make up forthe slow sales earlier. "It took all his will to keep a straight face while talking to her. "Now does your *friend* use the standard daytime wear butt plug, or doesshe prefer the ones you can leave in over night? She'd realized later that the man had been toying withher. " She spat as she replayed the conversation inher mind.

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Of course his mother had agreedwholeheartedly in her response and it was soon after that John found hisbedtime curfew lifted. A slow grin cracked his face as he reacheddown to rub the bulge in his jeans. So now she was probably trying to come up with something. John popped out of bed and booted up his computer the nextmorning. She'd tried to forget them, but like abad dream, they kept coming back again and again to haunt her. She went over it again and again butkept coming back to the conclusion that if she was going to have any chance at happiness shewas going to have to prove her self to her e-mail lover. Janice could feel her self becoming wetagain at the memory. It was kind of nice now that I come to think of it. The slurpy sound my pussy made as it pumped in andout. It went on that way for the next ten minutes till she had amassed two dildos, onevibrator, a butt plug, a bottle of lubricant and several magazines depicting hard core sexscenes that the man in the store assured her was usually included with such a purchase.

It was this new found power over his mother thathe was now pushing to the limits. In his last message he told her he was not going to write heranymore since she was just not his "type" and since he doubted she couldever change this was going to be the last she heard from him. but this morning she seemed strangelyhappier, although a little frazzled over something. " Looks like I've got my self a girlfriend, he chuckled ashe continued to rub the growing bulge in his pants. "Time to see what new delightfully wicked things mom sent her dear loving son. "I'm sure once he's convinced I'm sincere about wanting a relationship with him,all these tests will be at an end. Prove myself to him, then all these obscene trials will be over." Janice! Maybe my mystery man knows what's best for me after all. Of the items womenneed now a days" "I see." He was getting a kick out of playing along with this bitch. average I believe would be more than adequate" "Ok then," he said as he grabbed a soft pink colored dildo from the wall and placedit on the counter. Had she been able tothink straight she would have questioned the assumption that all women wore butt plugsthroughout the day, but lack of sleep and the need to get away from this embarrassingsituation left her muddled. Shepaid for the items then hurriedly left.************************ "God I must be an idiot," she moaned as she went through the bag of itemswhile sitting in the parking lot.

He stillcouldn't believe his mother would send such a photo much less take one. Yelling and carrying on when she'd discovered John's stash ofplayboys as if the world was coming to an end. So ofcourse he would think I own a few of them." Janicebrightened at her revelation. If she sent him another photo in thesameold stuff she had on last night he'd realize she didn't. "Le Sex Shoppe 22527 Napuc Ave" This was the place alright. She'd lead a rather sheltered existence uptill now. "Well the first thing we got to determine is what kind of woman your friend is. The man had unknowingly hit upon Janice's sore spot with that commentand her answer was spoken with quite a bit of annoyance. Did she really believe there was some kind of minimum amount shewas suppose to buy? the *standard assortment*" he said as if he sold suchthing all the time. Well I'm not goingback there, so I guess I'm stuck with all this stuff. She would promise herself that she wasn't going to letherself be distracted during work, that she would set aside her personal life until the endof the day.

Now here she was posing like a womandesperate for male attention. Thanks" He wondered what that was all about and where she was off to in such ahurry. John called up the attached photo and was nearly knocked over by what hesaw. She had looked for listings in the phone book earlier thismorning, as was surprised to discover that there was an adult shop so near her work. She paused a moment to let her eyesadjust to the dimly lite room. It assaulted hersenses as she stood there and gaped at the sight before her.. Maybe she was out of touch with her womanhood after all. " You needn't worry your self about what kind of woman I... "Thank you, I'm sorry I was a little cross but I'm in a bit of a hurry," Janice justwanted to get out of there as fast as she could. If nothing else at lest I've got a fewdifferent thing to show my mystery man tonight.******************************************** Making Mother my SLUT 5 (Jumping Jack Jiggles) Janice sat impatiently at a stoplight, waiting for it to change. Let's go," she muttered as she wiggled her bottom back and forth, enjoying thefeeling as the lips from her fiery pussy rubs slightly together. "I don't have all day."she said as she absent mindedly reached up to massage her big breasts through her blouse. She would start out pretty well, busy and focused, but within an hour she wouldstart dreaming about *HIM* and the things he would have her do.It was no longer just a game,it had become a way for John to manipulate his unwitting mother. I can be anything you want me to be." That kind of submission from his mother shocked him, but that was notwhat had his adolescent dick standing at attention. It showed her sitting on her bed with her blousehalfway open showing off a lacy black bra and looking into the camerawith a mixture of embarrassment, lust and longing. As if she were trying to work out some puzzle in her head. He'd written the message so shewould be forced into buying more lingerie, but things took an unexpectedturn. I finally meet a guywhom I'm interested in and who seems to be interested in me, and I still can't seem to getthings to work out properly. Before herhusband had walked out, he'd said many things. Her pussy was still a little sore from the vigorous fucking she'd givenher self with that cucumber. How good it had felt to have something filling her again as she rammedthe green makeshift dildo up her rapidly juicing cunt.He hadmentioned in one of his e-mail how he thought a growing boy should beallowed to stay up as late as he wanted. As John stared at thepicture something inside him new that this was going to changeeverything between them. Since she came home so late he knew she had also missed the stores. He berated her and called her a "sorry excusefor a woman." Those words still cut deep into her. She'd spent a better part of thenight ridding that slimly satisfying vegetable.The more he thought about it, the more it bothered him. It was late when Janice finally pulled back into her drive way. Getting out of bed he called up his mail account and went to getready for school. There on his computer screen was his dear old mother. Could he have ment..." Janice chewed at her bottom lip asshe tried to think this through. "Just go in, get what you need and leave," she told herself. The small shop had the muskysmell of cigarettes and sex, and was packed with a variety of porno movies and plasticdildos of every size. "You gonna buy something lady, or are you just gonna stand there and drool overthem? I mean SHE is, justplease show me what the standard assortment for a woman would be! She felt like a foolish c***d at having toask a man something she believe she should already now about. She felt her nipples grow hard as they pushed and strained against the rough fabric of herbra. Soon she would feel herpussy getting wet, her bare outer lips swelling and pushing against her panties, rubbingwhenever she twisted or turned at her desk.Shehad made such abig deal about the magazines, and then she goes off and sends a photo likethis to a guy she doesn't even really know. Shegathered up theassortment of bag from her shopping spree and headed inside. "Dam, I'm gonna have to sort that all out," Janice sighed. I've got more important things to do." Janice almost giggled as she skipped over the pile and headed up to herroom. Locking her bedroom door behindher shespread the assortment of newly purchached lingerie out on her bed. Sheer and skimp panties with half bra and garters coveredthe bed. She'd win back her man if it was the last thing she did. He had given up waitingfor hismom last night and had gone to bed. Itwas still downloading when he got out of the shower. " What the hell did she send me anyway" John walked down to the end of the hall and called out. Mom, you still here." He knew she would be half way to work by this time, but he always madesure beforeventuring into her room that she was no where abouts. Her long legs spreadwide,showing off what appeared to be her newly shaven pussy through a pair ofcrotchlesspanties. John dick was rock hard as helooked at theview before him. I mean, any woman who has a WHOLE wardrobe full of the kind of lingerie you do, is worth getting to know better. She spotted a selection of sex toy against the far wall and quicklyheaded for them. The deep gruff voice came from the man behind the counter. Her nipples would stiffen and push out into theopen, causeing lewd obviose bumps against her blouse.It read: Seeking Someone Special, SWF, 37, 5'7", traditional mother of 1 looking for adventurous, outgoing male for companionship and corr- espondance. He couldn't tell if her face was redder from the vigorous fuck she'd justgiven her self, or from the embarrassment of having enjoyed it so much. , Don't bother I'll have one of the other adjustors get it for me. Honestly Janice your becoming more and more incompetent by the day! Janice looked at her as shewent over to one of the other adjustors.