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This month marks the 30th anniversaries of both the release of "Some Kind of Wonderful," the last teen movie written by the genres' 1980s svengali John Hughes, and the relationship between the film's director Howard Deutch and star Lea Thompson, who met on set and began dating around the time of the "Wonderful" premiere.

Unfairly branded as a gender-reversal retread of "Pretty in Pink," a Hughes/Deutch collaboration from the year before, "Some Kind of Wonderful" was not a box office hit upon its release at the end of February 1987.

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Deutch, who also directed the Hughes-scripted "The Great Outdoors" and more recently episodes of "Big Love" and "Jane the Virgin," has a development deal at HBO and is scheduled to direct for the network's upcoming comedy series "Barry," starring Bill Hader.Married since 1989, the two are parents to actresses Madelyn and Zoey Deutch.I just asked on Instagram and Twitter about everyone's favorite line from the movie and was amazed how many people have so many different memories of it.I also hear from more men than women who love it, but I can't tell you why.I also hear from a lot of gay women who love Watts.

You both have worked more or less continuously in films and television since 1987.The script was originally a broad comedy and John made rewrites to take it in the direction of Martha's sensibility, which was darker and more adult. But when she and John had disagreements, I was brought back with a different script, a leading actor. Thompson: I was 26 when I made "Some Kind of Wonderful." Right before, I had made "Howard the Duck," which got terrible reviews. Eric Stoltz, whom I had become friends with while working together on both "Back to the Future" [Stolz was the original Marty Mc Fly] and "The Wild Life," acting as a messenger for Howard, delivered the script to my house. The character of Amanda Jones is a pretty girl who comes from a poor background and who knows being pretty has gotten her a rich, popular boyfriend, but in the end decides that's not being honest with who she really is.Howie saw me as right for Amanda even though I had already turned it down because I thought Watts [the character ultimately played by Mary Stuart Masterson] was the better part. Though she's one of three lead characters in the movie, her story is the movie's primary themes — honesty, self-awareness, seeing past the surface of others — in miniature.Thompson: During "All the Right Moves," I was dancing around the set.Michael Chapman, the director, yelled at me for it. " So on that movie, my training was a detriment in some ways." Lea Thompson: It wasn't a bomb, but definitely a disappointment.